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 Littlet is town information of Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. We provide movies.

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☆Little Tokyo Pics☆
The maps show where Little Tokyo is in U.S. There are 6 shopping malls and 3 major restaurant allays. Click the areas surrounded by colored lines in the Little Tokyo Map.
Nisei week in Japanese Town is coming soon!
Click 4small pictures by order to look up large maps. Make sure where Little Tokyo is.
USA Los Angeles Downtown Little Tokyo

  Shopping Mall List   Stores on Street List
  Weller Court   1st Street
  Japanese Village Plaza   2nd Street
  Kyoto Grand Hotel    
  Honda Plaza    
  Little Tokyo Galleria (Mitsuwa)    
  Little Tokyo Mall    
  Click here to get the simple map.    

Little Tokyo, located immediately southeast of the Los Angeles
Civic Center in Los Angeles, is the cultural, religious, social and
commercial center for the Japanese American community
in Southern California.
Area is in the square between Alameda Street, Los Angeles Street
and Temple Street, 3rd. Street by CRA definition. Newly installed
publicimprovements such as malls,plazas and Japanese Village.
link these various developments making this 7-block, 67-acre project
area one of the most pedestrian friendly communities in Los Angeles.
Use this map and enjoy Japanese food like sushi and tempura,
also Japanese art and culture.

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